What breed of horse would I be?

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What breed of horse would I be?

Hey! I know it's very random but I would really like to know what breed of horse I would be and since I have no idea about horse breeds I would be happy if you could help me a little :) 

Thanks in advance!

About my character:

-intelligent -stubborn -adaptable and resilient -sensitive 

About my appearance:

-brown(chestnut-colored ), wavy hair - fawn eyes

- sporty look

- slightly tanned skin

- full lips


A weird mix of Argentina, Germany and Switzerland lol


-Chess (thinking and logic games)

-Martial arts

-Playing the violin 

-Dancing (salsa, jazz and freestyle)

I have no idea what I would be or if I would be a mix of different things but me hope you have more horse knowledge than me.


No, I don't consider myself oneHorse, I'm still a horse girl. It's about a bet. Me and a colleague were both given stupid questions. Whoever gets a precise answer to a good question the quickest gets MC's on the neck from the other.


Why do you care if you don't know anything about horses?


A bet with a colleague


You are definitely a thoroughbred. Maybe Arab? Or something completely different: Lusitano? A warm-blooded animal, but the looks would also fit:


When I heard the description, I first thought of the Arabian thoroughbred. They are intelligent, sensitive, tough, spirited but can also be stubborn and jumpy.


Shettland ponies, some of them are very stubborn or have a stubborn head,but also resistant and workhorses.

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