Couch - filling material - which craftsman?

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Couch - filling material - which craftsman?

I've had a couch like this for about 2-3 years now - I won't name the manufacturer

I am really very satisfied, you can also make a bed out of it. That means - the right part can also be pushed to the left and has a large area.

The upper material doesn't matter at first. From the third month onwards, small white threads from the filling material began to come through. By the way, the same applies to all the pillows. You always see 3-4 mm white threads. No matter which direction you push/comb the fabric.

Due to the color, you obviously have to vacuum the couch regularly or dust the cushions. I received no goodwill or exchange from the manufacturer. It was more like - these were normal signs of wear 🤷‍♂️ Is there anything else that can be saved?

I don't have any animals or small children who let off steam there. People sit down, lie down. Normal use. Maybe 3-4 hours per day😉

I don't think that's relatively normal. At about 20 x 20 cm there are 10 threads sticking out. I then pull them and discard them.

1-2 days later, the ends of the finds are back.

What would be the alternative to disposal? Are there craftsmen who can change the filling?


Unfortunately, savings are often made on upholstered furniture in the lower to medium price range and, on the one hand, the upholstery material is probably not of particularly high quality and, on the other hand, the upholstery wadding could have been put in a ticking. Of course, both cost more and so you forego generously. However, I don't think your furniture dealer's explanation is OK, because in my opinion it is a clear defect. But the guarantee has now expired, as it was probably only 24 months. Yes, of course you can take it to an upholstery shop, but I highly doubt thatss this will be acceptable in terms of price. Then it's better to buy a new set when you've completely pulled out the padding.... Have fun pulling it out.


First of all, thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, savings are often made on upholstered furniture in the lower to medium price range and, on the one hand, the upholstery material is probably not of particularly high quality and, on the other hand, the upholstery wadding would also have to be collected can be stuck in a ticking.

What exactly does the lower segment (4,000) or middle segment (8,000) mean to you. I'm just asking bluntly because it wasn't that cheap. No attack or anything.

I ordered it during the Covid period and it was supposed to be delivered on time. I was put off for another 6 weeks due to a shortage of parts 😐

I didn't really like that. How are you going to survive 6 weeks without a couch in the living room? I would have liked a certain amount of goodwill here.

Man put me off for another 2 weeks. I work in "higher" customer service myself and things would certainly have been a little different for us.

Anyway - it should finally come now. 🥰

A "little dwarf" came and unloaded them on Euro pallets onto the curb. Yes Covid time! Nevertheless, it was agreed to the location.

Now I had to convince the little dwarf to help me bring them into the living room. He did that and got a tip too.

I found the service to be subpar. 🤫😐

Everything was great for 3-4 weeks! Worked fine. I was even happy about the many pillows that I didn't see at all. Then it started with these little white threads from the bottom. It is a velor fabric. It's not the fabric, more the filling material. The material is still perfect today! Top.

I complained about it straight away, took photos, only got meaningless answers. I really like the couch, but there's a mistake heren the construction.

The whole thing took a really long time. I was hoping for goodwill, I was promised. Then suddenly not again.

I asked for at least my very positive review entry to be deleted, but of course that didn't happen. This really pisses me off!


Hello safur, I think you will be stuck with any costs since the warranty period has now expired. I regret this very much and am annoyed by this “service” and especially by the sloppy handling of your complaint. Furniture stores with large sales areas and various online retailers in particular are often less willing to support their customers in the event of damage. Either you only see the costs that you may have to bear yourself or you have deployed staff in places that are significantly overwhelmed. I think with such a set, no matter what price range (the indication of the price segments 4.000 or 8000 euros are not mine) that simply shouldn't happen, because even 1500 or 1700 euros, which for me is the middle price range, is a lot of money. You have to have the error clarified by an upholstery specialist because at some point the threads of the upholstery cotton will be sucked away and then you will just be sitting on the foam (if processed). Experts are e.g. B. the employees of the P.O.S upholstery service, who also work for furniture manufacturers, usually solve the case directly on site, but they won't be really cheap. But an upholstery specialist in your region can certainly help.


OK - I'll take a look. Thank you


How much did you pay for your sofa?


By discount ~2.6' I mean. Discount due to long delivery time.


Ask an upholsterer...but that's quite expensive.


ok - thanks for your answer. I'd love to see that thing burn by now 🤗 I'll give it a try.

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