Opening sentence for a presentation?

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Opening sentence for a presentation?

Which entry do you like more?

1Imagine being in Auschwitz and being greeted by a man who claims to be a doctor but is actually one of the worst criminals in history. This man is Josef Mengele, also known as the 'Angel of Death' of Auschwitz.

2 Josef Mengele, the man who personified death in Auschwitz. A man who disguised himself as a doctor but was actually a cruel criminal. Let's take a look at his role in the Holocaust and see how he became a symbol of evil.

3 Josef Mengele was responsible for the suffering and death of thousands of people in the Holocaust. Let us pause for a moment to remember the victims and their families, and ask ourselves how something like this could ever have happened.


That's what catches me the most, I like little ideas like thatI would probably decorate it a bit if I were you.

Good luck!


Would you have a suggestion?


hey, sure ;). I'm a fan of chatgpt when it comes to things like that, look what he quickly spit out:

Dear listeners,

Welcome to today's presentation. Today we would like to deal with a depressing chapter in our history. Imagine you are in a place called Auschwitz, a place of unimaginable suffering during the Holocaust. In the midst of this cruel environment, you are greeted by a man who pretends to be a doctor, but in reality he is hiding one of the most frightening characters in history. We're talking about Josef Mengele, known as the 'Angel of Death' of Auschwitz. In the coming minutes we will examine Mengele's role and his horrific crimes. Itis a painful journey into the past, but it is important to delve into such events to understand how such horrors could have happened. Let's delve into this dark time together and try to bring light into this sad story

you actually just have to put it into your words and practice in front of the mirror for a moment, you'll do it


1Imagine being in Auschwitz and being greeted by a man who claimed to be a doctor, but...

Wasn't he a doctor?

2 Josef Mengele, the man who caused death embodied in Auschwitz. A man disguised as a doctor, ...

But he was also a doctor, wasn't he?

3 ... Let's pause for a moment,...

Too pathetic for my taste.

I don't think 3 is good, but 1 and 2 aren't right. Therefore I reject all 3.


And do you have a suggestion for meh?


Results at any cost, science without limits, consideration and morality. No name represents this perversion in medicine more than that of Dr. Josef Mengele, the messenger of death from Auschwitz. His experiments are a chilling example of a sadistic mind who, under the guise of research, tortured people and cruelly brought them to death in his experiments.



He was a doctor. Of course you should present all the information correctly.

The emotional introduction is somehow tasteless, although it invites the audience to think. These are historical, cruel events.

A minute's silence or something similar would be rather inappropriate.

It's best to tell the story historically, truthfully and factually and, above all, to focus on the significant events. He was despicable, but there are worse people



He was a doctor.

Imagine being in Auschwitz

No, you can't imagine that. Furthermore, you would not be in the city of Auschwitz but in the concentration camp Auschwitz 2 Birkenau

 Let us pause for a moment to remember the victims and their families

This is a lecture and not a memorial hour.


How could you rewrite the first opening sentence?


3 sounds like a documentary 1 and 2 so exciting I would take 1 but it should be like your teacher I would take 1

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