Letters in math?

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Letters in math?

Hello guys,

I'm dealing with the topic of math again after years and I'm surprised that so many letters are mixed among the numbers.

From the 10th grade onwards I didn't give anything more to the topic of binomial formulas in class because I thought it would be better to do it in the vineyard for €6 an hour.

Can someone send me a link where I can learn the different meanings of the letters can?

Of course I know a few like t for time and v for speed.

I'm not the kind of person who has to read something 50 times before I get it, me I was just too lazy or too arrogant over the years to do anything about my education. So please no precocious comments, as tempting as it might be.

This year I'm finally starting a commercial apprenticeship :)

Thanks for the help in advance

p.s. Today I wanted to look at the topic of free fall (impact force and speed).speed).

In a film, a woman jumped 3m high from the first floor and a man caught her.

It's clear that Hollywood used Trick 17, I just want to know if that would be possible in real life.

I estimate the lady to weigh between 42 and 45 kg.

Can the average person catch someone from a height of 3m?


Letters with a fixed meaning play more of a role in physics: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_physischer_Gr%C3%B6%C3%9Fen

In mathematics there are Conventions (e.g. side lengths a, b, c in a triangle and Greek letters as angles), but if a letter appears, it should always be stated beforehand what it stands for.

The speed of free fall can be determined, for example, using the Calculate conservation of energy. I can't judge how realistic the interception is. But the work done at 3m by gravity vermust be reversed over a smaller distance. I don't think it's completely impossible, but the technique and strength have to be good.


The woman fell horizontally into the man's arms, which is technically a good weight distribution


Thanks for your answer, I'll open the link now


You only need numbers for (simple) calculations.

The further you progress in mathematics, the less numbers you use and the less it involves calculating. When studying math, numbers are almost only used to number the chapters.

The examples in your question and the defined meanings of the letters relate more to physics and not to mathematics.

In mathematics, letters are generally used as variables, always as they are defined in the current contextd.


A normal person can hardly 'catch' an adult person from a height of 3 m without breaking their arms, dropping them or getting a back injury themselves.

There are always such cases, mostly with children, where the rescuers were prevented from getting worse but had fractures in their arms or dislocated shoulders.

With a few rough assumptions you can show that approx. 2500 N, i.e. the gravity of 250 kg, are necessary for 'safe' braking. 3 m fall, 45 kg, braking over 0.5 m distance.


See? That's why I ask about the meanings behind

what is N?


Newton is the unit of force. 1 kg is attracted to the earth with approx. 10 N. 100 g with 1 N.


I know what a Newton is, thanks

But that's what I meant in the question

There are 100,000 forums on the internet with formulas like g times 3 to the power of 2 by Berta plus Alex

how am I supposed to know what the farmer is doing in the thermal baths??


N stands for Newton (pronounced: njuten). 2500N corresponds approximately to the weight of 250kg. Now you're wondering why we don't talk about 250kg straight away. Answer: Physicists make a subtle distinction between mass, which is measured in kg, and force, which is measured in Newtons.


there are large areas

Geometry a to h and further for lengths

Functions a, b etc are parameters, x y z are variables

Equations: again a b c for any numbers and x y z for unknowns


You can't learn mathematics if you know the meaning of the letters.


Symbols are important in mathematics. And that's where a A b B are used most often.

But, that's the jokep;, with totally different meanings


These are simply variables, even t doesn't have to be time (t=time is a good choice)

The bust letters are what you define them for.

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